Will Trump spend $200 million post-election funds to build a dynasty -- or just pocket the cash?

President Donald Trump has raised hundreds of millions since his election loss, and he could use that money to build a political dynasty around his children or turn it into another slush fund.

His campaign has raised more than $200 million from supporters, who are bombarded with up to 30 emails or text messages a day asking for money, and most of that cash is directed to the newly formed Save America political action committee, reported The Guardian.

"Because leadership PACs are loosely regulated, he could use the funds not only to keep his campaign staff on the payroll, but also to potentially benefit financially," said Brendan Fischer, a campaign finance specialist at the Campaign Legal Center. "He could use the leadership PAC to pay himself a salary, to pay family members a salary. There's a lot of things you can do with this."

Some of the money that's been raised has gone to pay off campaign debt, and 25 cents for each dollar goes to the Republican Party, but the rest is paid to Save America -- although Trump can't legally use the money to fund a potential 2024 campaign.

"Is he savvy enough as a political operator to use that money to essentially build a broad coalition in which he is the center and the doler-out of the money that could strengthen his political position?" said Jennifer Victor, a political science professor at George Mason University. "It's hard to say because his political movement so far has been so centered around himself."

Victor said the smart move would be to invest in political loyalists to keep Trumpism alive -- or even build a political dynasty around Ivanka Trump, who's rumored to be mulling a U.S. Senate run in Florida.

"Probably where it's going to be more useful is to finance Trump's campaigning in support of another candidate," Fischer said. "It can potentially pay for rallies in support of another candidate. It can be used to pay for ads that are run ostensibly independently of the candidate that he's supporting."