Mary Trump explains why uncle Donald can't convince his flock to take COVID seriously
Donald Trump at a rally in Montoursville, Pennsylvania (screengrab).

Former President Donald Trump is scheduled to speak to his supporters in Alabama this weekend while the state is suffering such a significant COVID-19 outbreak that one doctor feared the entire healthcare system would collapse. While a large event isn't likely to be helpful in stopping that, Trump has an opportunity to encourage his flock to wear masks and get vaccinated.

But according to his niece Mary Trump, even he doesn't have the power. Speaking to the Daily Beast's "The New Abnormal," the psychologist explained that he's still endangering the lives of his own people. This week, when the FDA announced that there would be booster shots to the vaccine, Trump announced that it was nothing more than a "money-making operation" for Pfizer. Trump has a history with the CEO of the company, culminating in the former president claiming credit for the vaccine, which the CEO corrected publicly in the press.

"He will do anything to feel that he's still the center of attention," explained Ms. Trump. "Unfortunately, he has nothing good to offer us. He's incapable of, you know, doing a PSA to have people get vaccinated."

She explained that Trump intentionally made COVID a political issue so that it would impact his election chances if he prioritized the economy over health and safety.

In her new book, The Reckoning: Our Nation's Trauma and Finding a Way to Heal, Ms. Trump explores her uncle's need to remain relevant while simultaneously bringing everyone down around him.

"What will happen to this nation's mental health after months more of chaos and fear? Plus, of course, that it was worsened by Donald's need to keep people at each other's throats," she told the Beast.

She explained that "there is no bottom here," and that "the Republican Party is keeping him relevant. It's keeping him in power. It's not because he's some strong, brilliant, guy. He's weak and not very intelligent, and he will take all of us down with him if he feels like he's going down."

After a long history of presidents not being held accountable, Ms. Trump also fears that her uncle will escape any repercussions for any allegedly illegal actions.

Listen to the podcast at the Daily Beast.