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Former Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks explained ahead of the fourth public hearing of the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack that, in her professional opinion, the evidence exists to indict Donald Trump.

Speaking to MSNBC's Ari Melber, Wine-Banks compared Trump to former President Richard Nixon, who was elected by 49 electoral states, but who eventually lost the support of the public once his crimes became known.

'I'm hoping that the independents and the thinking Republicans, not those who are only watching Fox, but those who actually tune into other channels, will get this information because that's an important part of the evidence for them to see," she said. "It could influence how they vote, and that's one of the target audiences for these hearings is people who will vote."

An ABC/Ipsos poll published over the weekend showed that only 40 percent of Americans don't believe that Trump should be indicted, whereas 58 percent do.

"I am one of those people who has long said the evidence is there," she explained. "It's the same as when we had the Nixon situation, where the evidence was beyond all reasonable doubt, clear that he was a part of the illegal acts for which his aides were being indicted. I believe you cannot indict the conspirators without the leaders of the conspiracy. Here the evidence is beyond doubt of what his role in this was. What his knowledge was. He knew there was no fraud. He was told it over, and over, and over again. They knew he lost 60 lawsuits. He knew the Arizona Ninjas found more votes for Joe Biden, than before they challenged it, and had this audit. So, I think the intent, which is necessary, has been established, and I think that it is worse to do nothing."

Wine-Banks went on to say that she thinks had they indicted Nixon for his actions that "it would have created a precedent, but it also would have been a warning that might have stopped the behavior that Donald Trump is engaged in now."

She went on to say that, "heaven forbid" Trump gets elected in 2024. He'll only be more emboldened if he gets away with this. And he can't get away with this and have our democracy survive. This goes to the heart of our democracy. Our right to have our vote counted as we cast it. Not cast aside by Republican toadies of Donald Trump's that say, 'I don't like how you voted. I'm going to say the electors should be those who want to vote for Donald Trump.' That can't be a democracy."

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