Former Trump lawyer says Jack Smith has slam-dunk evidence on documents case
Jack Smith (Photo: DOJ) and Donald Trump (Photo via Shutterstock)

Special counsel Jack Smith's criminal investigation into classified documents at Mar-a-Lago is compelling, and a bigger legal threat to former President Donald Trump than the Manhattan Stormy Daniels hush payment prosecution, argued former White House lawyer Ty Cobb on CNN Wednesday evening.

"There is so much attention on the Alvin Bragg indictment," said anchor Erin Burnett. "I do know, though, that you think that there is another and a bigger charge more significant charge about to come in the special counsel's investigation into the classified documents at Mar-a-Lago, and that you think that Jack Smith will charge Trump with obstruction, and he's going to do that likely within 60 days. Why that specific charge and why that, at this point, accelerated timeline?"

"I think ... the evidence is falling into place so neatly on those offenses," said Cobb. "On the false statements to the FBI, to the Department of Justice on the attempts to conceal documents both in connection with the grand jury subpoena and in connection um what with the post search events. So I think that case is coming together rapidly and in a way that is virtually unassailable, and it may well overtake, I think it will well overtake, the January 6th investigation. Keep in mind, there are two different grand juries on those two matters, and there's no obligation that they be brought at the same time."

"So I think that case is accelerating," Cobb continued. "I think the evidence, you know, it's coming over the transom in waves, and it's all falling neatly into place. And it should not be difficult, given the fact that ever since the government noticed big gaps in the documents that Trump had left at the White House and what he had previously known to have, including the letters from his, you know, friends in North Korea ever since they started trying to get those documents and retrieve the classified documents, there has been false statement after false statement. There have been, you know, failures to cooperate. There has been an attempt to have employees lie to people. So the evidence is building brick by brick, and there isn't a good brick in there for the former president."

"You think all this could happen, just to be clear, within the next 60 days charge?" asked Burnett.

"I do," confirmed Cobb. "I think the evidence has come together fast enough to that that could be easily charged. And if it is charged that quickly, I think it could, you know, quickly overtake the Bragg case as the lead case, most likely to get to trial before November of 2024."

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"So just to be clear, you think this one could end up being finished by then?" Burnett pressed him."So it is possible, given the way you see the evidence, that Trump could be convicted before the election and actually could be sentenced to jail time," said Cobb. "But the key word there being 'possible.' It's, you know, it's not likely and nobody can say with certainty, but I think there is certainly a possibility at this stage of the game, given the strength of the evidence that Jack Smith has collected and is pursuing, that that easily could be charged within the next 60 days."

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Ty Cobb says the pieces are "falling into place" in Mar-a-Lago document probe