Trump lawyer reveals legal strategy to declare 'faulty indictments' if charges filed in Georgia
CBS/screen grab

Jennifer Little, a defense attorney for Donald Trump, said her team would declare any indictments in Georgia against the former president "faulty indictments."

Speaking to CBS correspondent Robert Costa, Little explained how Trump's team would defend the former president if any charges arise from a special grand jury's work in Georgia. She faulted the grand jury for declining to subpoena Trump and pointed to remarks made by foreperson Emily Kohrs.

"[W]e had our foreperson of this grand jury speaking about how excited and cool it would have been to be able to look at Donald Trump, the former president of the United States, for 60 seconds," the attorney said about a possible subpoena for Trump. "It's concerning that that was the level of diligence that was shown in that decision, and it was surprising, frankly."

She said Trump's team would challenge any indictments coming out of Georgia.

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"We absolutely do not believe that our client did anything wrong, and if any indictments were to come down, those are faulty indictments," she asserted. "We will absolutely fight anything tooth and nail."

In media interviews, Kohrs has said the grand jury recommended multiple indictments, but she would not say if the list included Trump.

Watch the video below from CBS' Face the Nation or at the link.