Trump is about to 'get embarrassed' in Georgia GOP primary: CNN election analyst
Donald Trump at MAGA rally in support of Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach in 2018. (mark reinstein /

On CNN Friday, elections analyst Harry Enten said that former President Donald Trump is likely to be "embarrassed" by the results out of Georgia in next week's primary.

The election will pit an incumbent governor against a Trump-backed challenger — who is likely to crash and burn, and even Trump appears to be bracing for it.

"We're a few days from some big primaries including in Georgia, where the former President Donald Trump has worked hard, really hard, to defeat incumbent Republican Governor Brian Kemp," said anchor John Berman. "So how is that going for him, Harry?"

"He's about to probably get embarrassed, John," said Enten. "So, look, this is a new Fox News poll that was released on Wednesday night. You need 50 percent of the vote plus one to avoid a runoff. And look at where Brian Kemp is. He's at 60 percent. He's at 32 points ahead of David Perdue. Look at where we were in March, folks. Brian Kemp was at 50 percent. David Perdue 11 points back. In that two-month period, David Perdue has basically fallen to the ground... Brian Kemp, the very clear favorite ahead of that primary on Tuesday."

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"And just to be clear, David Perdue is the candidate that Donald Trump very publicly endorsed; Brian Kemp, the candidate Donald Trump very publicly wants to defeat," said Berman. "There are other races on Tuesday you're watching also. There may be some — the possibility of tough results for Trump there as well."

"Yeah, I mean, one of these is in Alabama," said Enten. "Mo Brooks, remember Donald Trump endorsed him originally and then withdrew that endorsement and it was because he didn't want to get behind a loser. When he withdrew that endorsement in March, Brooks... was behind by ten. Look what happened in that two-month period. Without Trump support, Brooks has gone up. Now you have this possibility not only in Georgia, where you see David Perdue going down, you have this possibility in Alabama where Trump's old candidate does well without him. I think Tuesday could be one of those more embarrassing days for Donald Trump."

Watch the video below or at this link.

[youtube site_id=20266338 expand=1] Harry Enten says Trump will be "embarrassed' in Georgia