'I won’t!' Ex-Trump aide promises The View she’ll never support him as GOP stays loyal despite guilty verdicts
Photo: Screen capture

Former President Donald Trump's corporations were found guilty on 17 charges including tax fraud, but Republicans remain loyal and are refusing to abandon him.

"The View's" co-host Whoopi Goldberg said that it was nice to see "guilty, guilty, guilty" for once.

But Joy Behar noted that it was the GOP loyalists who refuse to abandon him regardless of the degree of severity of the crime.

"No matter what he does — I'm going to tear up the constitution. I'm going to steal nuclear code," Behar said.

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"Shoot someone on Fifth Avenue," Sara Haines cut in. "He hasn't done that yet. God, I hope he doesn't do that."

"I've been watching reporters interviewing Republicans. Not one of them says they will not vote for him if he's the candidate!" exclaimed Behar. "They say, will you vote for Trump if he's the candidate? 'Well,' they go."

"I won't!" said Alyssa Farah Griffin, who worked as the former White House communications chief.

"Of course, you won't," Behar responded as the audience applauded. "Like, Mitch McConnell will say, he's not going to be the candidate. I will vote for whoever is the Republican candidate, and then they add, I don't think he'll be running. But, he will be running because that's what's going to keep him out of jail."

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