Once first Trump indictment drops — 'it's gonna be on' with everyone filing their own indictments: former prosecutor
Donald Trump (Photo via Mandel Ngan for AFP)

Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner said Thursday that if Donald Trump is indicted, whether from the New York City grand jury or the Fulton County grand jury, everyone will want to pull the trigger on their own prosecutions.

Speaking to SiriusXM Radio's Dean Obeidallah, Kirschner began by agreeing that the New York case isn't just about hush money payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels. While some charges would be lower-level if they were the only charge, in Trump's case, he has both the Stormy Daniels payoff as well as the Karen McDougal payments through a third party. That could elevate things to a felony, as legal analysts have explained over the past few days.

"I think we will see more charges than hush money," Kirschner said. "And it's not just what fell out when they shook that tree in the Trump Organization trial. It's that all of the witnesses that they needed to put on the stand to prove the case against the Trump Organization have now been tested in the crucible of cross-examination."

He explained that a grand jury could be a kind of preliminary trial where prosecutors can determine who is or isn't a compelling witness and gather the necessary information under oath. Some of those same witnesses will have to testify before Trump if he's indicted. So, if they get spooked by the former president, they're already on record giving their testimony.

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"So, all indications are that there will be charges beyond the hush money conspiracy that we'll ultimately see Donald Trump charged for in New York," Kirschner continued. "And here's the other thing. Don't forget in the interim, we also had the release of his tax returns to Congress and then ultimately to the public. One of the things we learned was that the hush money payments were taken as business deductions. So, we've got more New York state crimes because of false tax returns, and we've got more federal crimes."

He concluded by saying that the justice ball is rolling down the hill and gaining speed.

"And I really believe that once that first indictment drops, oof! It's gonna be on in Georgia. It's ultimately going to be on in the federal jurisdiction, and then everyone is going to want to be in the business of indicting Donald Trump for his crimes."

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