'Increasingly agitated' Trump is growing 'anxious' over House riot committee revelations: report
Photo via Saul Loeb/AFP

According to aides close to Donald Trump, the flood of revelations coming out about White House involvement in the Jan 6th Capitol riot is making the former president "anxious" as he calls and complains to friends about the path the investigation is taking.

As the Guardian's Hugo Lowell reports, the past two weeks that have centered on text messages sent to former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows by Trump's inner circle have unnerved Trump who is expressing frustration and fears that the committee is closing in on him.

Explaining that the former president has become "increasingly agitated" at the airing of new revelations, Lowell wrote that Trump feels he "might be implicated in the sprawling inquiry into the insurrection even as he protests his innocence."

According to the Guardian report, "The former president in recent weeks has complained more about the investigation, demanding why his former White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows, shared so much material about 6 January with the select committee, and why dozens of other aides have also cooperated."

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"Trump has also been perturbed by aides invoking the Fifth Amendment in depositions - it makes them look weak and complicit in a crime, he has told associates - and considers them foolish for not following the lead of his former strategist Steve Bannon in simply ignoring the subpoenas," Lowell continued before adding, "When Trump sees new developments in the Capitol attack investigation on television, he has started swearing about the negative coverage and bemoaned that the House minority leader, Kevin McCarthy, was too incompetent to put Republicans on the committee to defend him."

The report notes that Trump has also grown panicky as the nation's courts have increasingly slapped aside his attempts to slow the investigation and worries that his "legal exposure" may be growing.

Lowell adds, "The portrait that emerges from interviews with multiple sources close to Trump, including current and former aides, suggest a former president unmoored and backed into a corner by the rapid escalation in intensity of the committee’s investigation."

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