Trump is a 'sinister Ferris Bueller' who has gotten away with everything — until now: Van Jones
Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Michigan. (

Former President Donald Trump is like a "sinister Ferris Bueller," getting away with antics and enraging his opponents on a nonstop basis, said CNN commentator Van Jones on "OutFront" Wednesday.

He appears to be finally suffering a major consequence as an indictment in New York appears imminent. However, Jones noted, in yet another test of the limits of what he can get away with, he even appears to be capitalizing on that financially.

"Trump, obviously, is raising money off of all this," said anchor Erin Burnett. "You know, there's reporting that he wants to be handcuffed. He thinks this is all great for him. At least he's pretending he thinks that it's all great for him if they don't indict, obviously that's a win for him... Is it a win-win?"

"You know, that means it's Wednesday," said Jones. "In other words, like, that's the Donald Trump phenomenon, like whatever happens, he's figured out some way to make it work for him. He's like — he's like a sinister Ferris Bueller. He just gets away with stuff, and it just drives people nuts."

This idea, Jones continued, is taken to the extreme with the fundraising attempt, which is tantamount to "false advertising."

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"He says. I'm going to get arrested on Tuesday, send me money," said Jones. "Everybody sending the money. He's not arrested. I mean, he's just he's unbelievable. The stuff he gets away with."

Watch the segment below or at this link.

Van Jones says Trump is a "sinister Ferris Bueller"