Trump is fixated on his crowd sizes — but Trumpworld acknowledges his crowds have gotten smaller: reporter
Donald Trump at opening ceremony for 2018 NATO summit. (Gints Ivuskans /

Donald Trump's presidency got off to a rocky start when his press secretary publicly lied about his inauguration crowd size and Kellyanne Conway defended the lying as "alternative facts." More than five years later, the former president is still fixated on his crowd sizes despite dwindling turnout at his MAGA rallies.

Trump returned to the topic while speaking Friday at a "faith and freedom" conference in Nashville.

"And I will say the one thing they don't talk about, they never show the size of the crowd, I believe it was the largest number of people I've ever spoken to," Trump said of the Jan. 6 "stop the steal" rally being investigated by a select committee of Congress.

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Trump went on to claim his crowd for a rally in support of an attempted coup was greater than the crowd that gathered for civil rights when Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his "I have a Dream Speech" in 1963.

Trump's fixation comes as his rally crowds are declining in size, New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman noted.

"Trump is now talking about his rally crowd size again. What's interesting is people in his world acknowledge privately that Trump's rally crowds have gotten smaller," Haberman reported.

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