Trump may let his kids take the fall as the legal net tightens around him: DC insider
Donald Trump, Jr. with Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump (Twitter)

In her column for the Daily Beast, longtime Washington D.C. insider Margaret Carlson claimed it is not beyond the realm of possibilities that Donald Trump will let his kids take the brunt of the prosecution for instances of fraud that are being investigated by New York Attorney General Leticia James and newly elected Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

As Carlson notes, the children of Trump, Ivanka, Don Jr and Eric have their fingerprints all over financial documents that investigators believe show the family and the Trump Organization committed fraud.

According to the columnist, "We’ve been lulled into believing Donald Trump is made of Teflon...But Trump’s luck began to run out in early 2021—when he lost the White House, Air Force One, and his Twitter account inside a few weeks. His days of getting away with conduct that would sink anyone else appear to be over. He could even start losing so much that he’ll get sick of losing."

Pointing out that the Supreme Court's decision to allow the House committee investigating the Jan 6th insurrection to have White House documents from that period over Trump's protests was devastating enough, Carlson said the financial fraud investigation also seems to have the goods on the former president with Carlson writing, "It gets worse for Trump."

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"New York Attorney General Letitia James this week filed subpoenas for two of Trump’s kids—Ivanka and Don Jr.—as part of her investigation of the Trump Organization," she wrote before suggesting, "This raises the tantalizing question of whether he’d put his own interests ahead of those of his own children. He’s used to throwing lackeys like Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort under the bus to save his own hide. But would Trump leave Ivanka and Don Jr. with skid marks on their backs?"

Elaborating on that, Carlson continued, "Unlike the assaults on democracy which Trump die-hards either embrace or make excuses for, James has documented the kind of fraud that could break the spell Trump has cast on his supporters, many of whom were drawn to him by a sense that they were cheated by life. If James can prove the allegations, they’d see Trump for the swindler whose 'wins' directly correlate with the working man’s losses."

According to Carlson, the former president is now facing an avalanche of investigations and lawsuits that he may never recover from, explaining, "The DC Attorney General Karl Racine is suing Trump and his 2016 inaugural committee for using funds to enrich the Trump Organization, including paying $175,000 for a ballroom at his hotel that previously went for $5,000. Trump’s also being sued for alleged violations of the Voting Rights and the Ku Klux Klan Act (which prohibits the intimidation of public officials), by the Capitol and Metropolitan police for injuries arising from the Jan. 6 violence, and by his former attorney Michael Cohen for retaliatory imprisonment after Trump learned he was writing a tell-all book. An active class action suit claims Trump used his brand name to defraud thousands of strivers through multi-level marketing schemes promising to divulge the secrets of his success."

Carlson concluded, "The heat, at long last, is on Trump."

You can read her whole piece here -- subscription required.