Trump kids only path to settling with AG Letitia James would require 'implicating' their father: legal expert
Ivanka and Donald Trump (NASA)

According to MSNBC legal analyst Lisa Rubin, there is really only one path for Donald Trump's kids to get out from under charges from New York Attorney General Letitia James regarding real estate fraud, but that would require flipping on their father.

Earlier in the week, James presented a 200-page lawsuit seeking $250 million in penalties against Donald Trump, his three kids, Don Jr., Eric and Ivanka for egregiously inflating the value of properties owned by the Trump Organization.

According to Rubin, there is an outside chance Trump could broach a settlement with James -- and she might welcome it and call it a victory -- but it would be difficult for the Trump kids to seek their own deals without dragging their father down in the process.

Speaking with host Alex Witt, Rubin said it could happen but it would be difficult.

"How about this scenario, Lisa," Witt proposed. "Let's say Donald Trump wanted to fight it, could his kids take a different path? Could they settle on their own? "

"They certainly could," Rubin replied. " But some of the same patterns that we see with the children are all mixed up in misrepresentations by the former president."

"So for example, Alex, there are statements of financial conditions that are certified by the former president, and one of the children might attach that statement of financial condition to an application for a loan," she elaborated. "It's hard to see how certain of the adult children at least could accept responsibility and settle with Tish James without implicating their father."

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