Trump attacks US for offending Kim Jong Un with training exercises: 'He feels threatened'
At a historic summit in June, US President Donald Trump and Kim signed a vaguely-worded statement on denuclearisation AFP/File / SAUL LOEB

Former President Donald Trump early on Wednesday morning attacked the governments of the United States and South Korea for holding joint military training exercises that he said would offend North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

Writing on his Truth Social platform, Trump decried the exercises as an expensive provocation of North Korea.

"Kim Jung Un (sic) of North Korea, who I got to know and got along with very well during my years as President, is not happy with the U.S. and South Korea doing big training and air exercises together," Trump complained. "He feels threatened."

Trump then detailed his past efforts to shake down South Korea's government for more money to pay for their defense.

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"Even I would constantly complain that South Korea pays us very little to do these extremely expensive and provocative drills," Trump said. "It’s really ridiculous. We have 35,000 in jeopardy soldiers there, I had a deal for full payment to us, $Billions, and Biden gave it away. Such a shame!!!"

Throughout his presidency, Trump lavished praise on Kim, whose country has one of the worst human rights records of any other nation in the world.

Among other things, Trump said that he and Kim "fell in love" when they met, and he boasted about having a "very, very good relationship" with him.

Despite all this, Trump never succeeded in his stated goal of getting North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons.