Trump facing another 'legal headache' and running out of lawyers: Morning Joe
Donald Trump (Photo of Trump via Agence France-Presse)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough wished Donald Trump "lots of luck" as he faces yet another "legal headache."

The Department of Justice rejected his claim of absolute immunity and determined the former president can be held liable in court for physical and psychological injuries that U.S. Capitol police officers and lawmakers suffered during the Jan. 6 riot by his supporters, and the "Morning Joe" host agreed.

"[He] sat back and watched, watched the violence for hours, rewound, according to his own Trumper staffers, rewound and watched the violence again on his TV set," Scarborough said. "The most violent parts he would sit there and revel in while everybody called him. His family, his aides, his lawyers, everybody begged him to call off the violence. He refused to do so. So lots of luck with that in a civil court case."

"Obviously, the thing with the civil lawsuit is the standard is so much lower," he added. "This is yet one more legal headache for Donald Trump."

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Trump faces criminal investigations and lawsuits from multiple states and federal authorities, and some of his lawyers have hired their own attorneys to represent themselves in cases involving the ex-president, and some of them have been hit with sanctions for their work.

"A man who has gotten away with cutting corners, gotten away with lying, gotten away with cheating, gotten away with stiffing contractors, gotten away with constantly thinking that he's above the law, that all of this seems to be coming together," Scarborough said. "We've seen the slow buildup over years. All of this seems to be coming together."

"I've got to say, we went over the list yesterday, I can't figure out what causes the most immediate threat to him," he continued. "Georgia certainly is a problem as we said yesterday. He's got the perfect phone call -- the perfect phone call for prosecutors. Then you look at the document case at Mar-a-Lago. It's very clear, the guy lied through his teeth, obstructed an investigation. The Stormy Daniels payoff money before election that was funneled through different channels. Any member of Congress would be in jail."

"You have the civil lawsuits, you have what's coming in New York State on the civil side of his business," Scarborough added. "Now, you have these cases which, man, you get a family member of a cop who got the hell beaten out of him on Capitol Hill on Jan. 6, while Donald Trump was sitting in the Oval Office and people were begging for him to stop the violence and he refused. Instead, he just kept rewinding the most violent parts where cops were getting their brains bashed in with American flags. I would not want to be the defendant in that civil lawsuit."

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