Trump would be making a huge mistake if he goes to trial with Letitia James: criminal defense attorney
Letitia James, Donald Trump (James photo via NYAG Twitter account/Trump via AFP)

According to criminal defense attorney Danny Cevallos, Donald Trump would be doing himself a favor by settling with New York Attorney General Letitia James over a lawsuit alleging real estate fraud rather than take her on in a courtroom.

Speaking with MSNBC host Alex Witt, the attorney said that nine out of ten cases involving fraud like the one the former president is accused of results in settlements and, based on what he has heard from James, that is the path Trump should take.

"Let me ask you about possible settlements in this case," host Witt prompted. "Is that a road Donald Trump might go down and could it separate his three elder children, Don Trump Jr., Ivanka, Eric, who are named in this lawsuit? Could they then make a settlement on their own even if the dad decides that he wants to fight this in court?"

"If you just playing the odds, nine out of ten civil cases settle before they go to trial," he replied. "And the reason for that is each side bears a lot of risk. A jury trial is a coin flip of 12 people, six people, depending on the jurisdiction."

"A lot of companies and individuals can't stomach that risk," he continued. "So, statistically, the Trumps are likely to settle. In addition, these particular defendants would not want to go to trial and air out even further all of this evidence that Letitia James alleges she has, because according to her, she has the receipts."

"That makes sense, these are the kinds of allegations that are black and white on paper submitted to banks, " he added.

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