'Are you kidding me?': Former CIA official stunned by Trump keeping nuke docs at 'his beach house'
Donald Trump (Photo by AFP)

Appearing on CNN's "New Day" the morning after the Washington Post reported that the FBI was sent to Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence with a search warrant on a tip that he had top secret nuclear documents, a former CIA counter-intelligence official expressed dismay and shock at the most recent turn of events in this week's saga.

Speaking with hosts Brianna Keilar and John Berman, Phil Mudd, who served as an analyst on the CIA’s Counterterrorist Center, said that the former president may have had documents "in his beach house" that he -- in his former capacity -- would have been barred from reviewing.

"I'm going to read the Washington Post reporting here because it's very specific, 'classified documents relating to nuclear weapons, those were among the items the FBI agents sought,'" host Berman prompted. "If those were at Mar-a-Lago, why would the Department of Justice, the FBI, the counterintelligence division of the FBI apparently because that's who signed off on it, why wouldn't they want them at Mar-a-Lago?"

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"Well, if you look at the security in a place like the Department of Justice, look at the security in place like at the Department of Energy, compared to a beach house, are you kidding me?" an incensed Mudd replied. "One of the reasons the Department of Justice would have asked from the videos from Mar-a-Lago, ask basic questions you would never have to ask if these documents were properly secured."

"For example, who brought stuff in? Do we have the stuff that they brought in did it disappear on another day?" he continued. "More significantly, who went in that room? I'm going to guarantee you, with national security stuff related to nuclear weapons in there, that people who went in that room not all of them had the appropriate clearance."

"So you don't know what's in there. You don't know who is accessing it. You don't know if those people know how to secure these kind of secrets," the exasperated Mudd added. "I don't know what to say, John. You're keeping nuclear stuff at a beach house that I couldn't review at the CIA. Enough said."

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