Intel agencies need to 'assess the damage' Trump created with Mar-a-Lago document exposure: former CIA agent
Donald Trum at Mar-a-Lago (Photo via the White House)

In a series of tweets on Thursday night, former CIA double agent Naveed Jamali suggested every U.S. government intelligence agency will likely be taking a hard look at the possible damage Donald Trump did to their programs because he stored top secret documents in an unsecured storage room at his Mar-a-Lago report.

Reacting to a report from the Wahington Post that the Department of Justice rushed to serve a warrant at the former president's Florida resort based upon a belief that he took highly secretive documents about nuclear weapons with him when he left the White House eighteen months ago, Jamali claimed the intel agencies must be in a panic.

He also warned, "our entire national security is at risk."

"I've held a Top Secret clearance, and had my bags and papers checked to make sure I wasn’t leaving the SCIF with classified info. That a former President would be storing classified material relating to our most important capabilities, puts our entire national security at risk," he began by way of explanation.

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"It doesn’t matter how 'benign' the info in those docs is, they were classified for a specific reason," he explained. "I can’t even begin to lay out how damaging it is that the information contained in those documents may have been compromised."

He then lamented, "Presumably, the agencies responsible for those programs are going to have to assess the damage of a possible compromise."

You can see his tweets below: