MSNBC's Heilemann thinks the unthinkable about Trump documents: ‘There's a big nuclear black market out there’

MSNBC's John Heilemann floated the possibility that former President Donald Trump may have shared the most sensitive nuclear secrets with foreign powers for personal gain.

The FBI carried out a search of Mar-A-Lago this week, where they reportedly expected to find top-secret documents on nuclear weapons, and the "Morning Joe" contributor wondered aloud if Trump did the unspeakable with those highly sensitive materials.

"Yes, one giant concern is whether foreign adversaries could find their way to possessing them," Heilemann said. "Another is the possibility -- and, God, perish the thought -- that Donald Trump, and I say that sarcastically, but Donald Trump might have thought, 'You know, when I leave the White House, I'll take everything of value, of potential monetary value, that's not nailed down.'"

"You can't steal the furniture," Heilemann continued. "It's hard if you are a president to walk out the door with furniture. Sometimes you think you can steal documents. Apparently, he thought that. Those documents, if those are what they entail, man, there is a big nuclear black market out there in the world. Those secrets could be worth a ton of money if the president wanted to try to monetize them."

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"I think there is not only the possibility that they might somehow fall into the wrong hands because... Donald Trump has no ability to control information around him, but I think there's the other worry," he added. "Donald Trump might try to exploit them in some way. That has to be going on in the heads of some people at the Justice Department, as well."

Watch the video below or at this link.

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