'Has to drive him crazy!' Florida prosecutor says Trump must be furious after Mar-a-Lago insider 'spilled the beans'
Donald Trump (Photo by Mandel Ngan for AFP)

During an appearance on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg suggested that there was no way that the Department of Justice would have sent FBI agents to search Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort unless they already "had the goods" on him.

Speaking with co-host Mika Brzezinski , he said he owed an apology to Attorney General Merrick Garland based on the turn of events this past week as the DOJ closes in on the former president.

"Mika, we now know why the Department of Justice didn't just issue a subpoena, it's because they already did issue a subpoena. They did months ago," he began. "Kudos to the DOJ for keeping all this stuff a secret, you don't see that very much and they did, which shows you this is not a political witch hunt. They didn't reveal any of this stuff in advance."

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"We know a subpoena was issued and, yet, afterward, someone really close to Trump, someone within his inner sanctum, spilled the beans," he continued. "Said that not only are there some highly sensitive pieces of information, perhaps nuclear secrets, but where it is, inside the safe. It had to be a credible source because there is no way that Garland, an institutionalist, [FBI Director] Christopher Wray, an appointee of Donald Trump, and there is no way a federal magistrate would be walked into this political hornet's nest unless they believed the secret concerns and the source was credible."

"This has got to drive Trump crazy," he laughed. "He demands complete loyalty from people around him, though it is a one-way street."

Asked about Trump wanting to release information about the warrant, he replied, "Sure, but the fact that Donald Trump has not released the inventory has not wanted to release the search warrant, tells me there is something there. The fact that Merrick Garland seemed quite confident in his press conference, saying, 'Let's release it. Let's go to the court and do something really unusual' tells me they think they've got the goods."

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