Trump settles on a lawyer after struggling to find someone to represent him in impeachment trial
Donald Trump. (vasilis asvestas /

President Donald Trump has hired South Carolina lawyer Butch Bowers as his impeachment lawyer, Jake Sherman reported in the Punchbowl.

"Butch Bowers, who has represented two S.C. governors at ethics hearings, is not a stranger to impeachment proceedings," the Post and Courier said. "He worked for then-Gov. Mark Sanford when lawmakers considered impeaching him after he left the state to see his mistress in Argentina in 2009."

According to CNN's Manu Raju, it was Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) who is helping him in his post-presidency world. The former president has struggled to find a lawyer, though he didn't indicate the reasons why. During the 60-plus lawsuits protesting the 2020 election results, even conservative lawyers turned away from representing him after some of his attorneys were laughed out of court. Trump also reportedly told aides not to pay lawyer Rudy Giuliani, despite the work he did to overturn the election.

Former South Carolina state Representative Bakari Sellers noted that Bowers is a "very good lawyer." Bowers is apparently not taking questions, local reporters said.