Trump supporter explicitly says he won't get vaccinated 'because it makes liberals mad'
Moon Township Trump rally (MSNBC)

A supporter of former President Donald Trump is explicitly saying that he won't get vaccinated against the novel coronavirus because refusing to get vaccinated will make liberals angry.

Writing in the Trump-loving publication "American Greatness", columnist Peter D'Abrosca reveals that his personal spite of liberals is reason enough for him to skip getting vaccinated, despite the fact that his actions could help delay the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"If those bastards want me to get the jab, I'm not going to do it, because it annoys them," D'Abrosca bluntly states at the start of his screed. "My primary reason for refusing the vaccine is... I dislike the people who want me to take it, and it makes them mad when they hear about my refusal. That, in turn, makes me happy."

D'Abrosca acknowledges that this may make him a "petty" person, but he can't let go of the thrill he feels at "the thought of the worst people on planet earth, those whom I like to call the Branch Covidians, literally shaking as I stroll into Target vaccine-free."

The author acknowledges that many readers may "think I'm being obtuse," but he has a special retort for them: "I do not care."

Read the whole column here.