Former prosecutor warns of violence on Monday after Trump's 'Protest, take our nation back!' arrest rant
Trump supporters waiting for the arrival of President Donald J. Trump on Thursday 01/30/2020 at his Keep America Great Again rally in Des Moines, Iowa. (

Donald Trump's Truth Social post announcement early Saturday morning that he expects to be arrested on Tuesday, which concluded with an all-cap exhortation to his fans to "PROTEST, TAKE OUR NATION BACK!" should send up red flags according to a former Brooklyn prosecutor.

Appearing on MSNBC's "The Katie Phang Show," attorney Charles Coleman Jr. warned of possible violence as early as Monday, claiming Trump is once again trying to incite his followers.

Speaking just moments after Trump's frantic two-part post went live, host Phang asked Coleman what he expects to happen next.

"There has been a myriad number of different logistical complications that this presents and what you have just talked about is only one of them," he told the host. "I think that I have been talking about the notion of the Secret Service and their involvement into what extent their presence creates another issue for New York City law enforcement during this process."

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"With what you are talking about, there is also that additional concern around, number one, the safety and security of everyone who is responsible for effecting the eventual arrest and, ultimately, the people who are responsible for the prosecution of the president. Even just handling the indictment with the anticipated number of people who could potentially show up in Manhattan in response to this. All of this is a logistical nightmare."

"I also think that, quite frankly, given what we have seen with January 6, if anything does, unfortunately, go left when it comes to Monday, we are looking at additional potential charges with Donald Trump with respect to inciting violence," he continued before adding the caveat, "And, again, I don't want to necessarily get ahead of ourselves and put the cart before the horse on the distinct possibility, especially given what we have already seen."

"So a message like this could only further and embroil Donald Trump into deeper legal entanglement in a way that I don't necessarily think that he is considering the serious ramifications of," he told the MSNBC host.

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