Trump acted 'like a 5-year-old' while watching supporters riot on TV: CNN's Camerota
Donald Trump via AFP

CNN host Alisyn Camerota on Tuesday angrily denounced President Donald Trump after reports emerged that the president for hours refused to act to calm down his rioting supporters.

Reacting to the Washington Post report that Republican lawmakers couldn't reach Trump during the deadly Capitol building riots because he was transfixed with watching them on TV, Camerota said that the president's behavior reminded her of a toddler.

"He was just watching it all unfold," she said. "Like a five-year-old, he couldn't drag himself away from the stimulation of watching, you know, this deadly insurrection on television."

Camerota then whacked her former employers at Fox News for falsely claiming that Hillary Clinton slept through the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi in 2012 even while giving Trump a pass for actually waiting hours to try to calm down a riot that he personally incited.

CNN contributor Errol Louis speculated that Trump refused to act because he was hoping the rioters would succeed in forcing Congress to overturn the election.

"Perhaps he was waiting to see how it would play out," Louis said. "Perhaps he was hoping, like a failed gambler, that somehow his horse was going to round the turn and make a miraculous recovery from behind."

Watch the video below.