Trump dismissed worries about sharing classified materials because he wanted to show off the 'sexy parts': new book
Donald Trump holds a press conference at Trump Turnberry. (

According to a report from the Washington Post on Maggie Haberman's book on Donald Trump, "Confidence Man," Donald Trump's lack of seriousness about classified materials -- as evidenced by his whisking boxes of them away to his Mar-a-Lago resort after he left office -- was on display while he was still president.

According to the book, the former president laughed off concerns from close aides after he proposed working with the Russians on internet hacking concerns and appalled national security officials when he wanted to tweet out a picture of a facility of interest in Iran because he got a kick out of the details in the photo.

According to the Post's Josh Dawsey, "The book shows Trump frequently praising Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin, for his strength and even 'laughing' when aides grew mad that he tweeted a proposal for a joint cyber unit with Russia that would have 'effectively let the Russians into the U.S. investigations of hacking,”'" according to Haberman.

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As for the highly secret photos, Haberman claimed the former president was dismissive of concerns by the intel community that he might be revealing too much if he shared the pictures with the entire world.

With Dawsey writing, "Trump shows his lack of care about classified markings. Aides tried to stop Trump from tweeting a photo of an Iranian facility until they could remove classified details, Haberman writes. But he liked how the image looked and proceeded, he quotes Haberman reporting Trump stated, “If you take out the classification, that’s the sexy part.”

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