Speculation swirls after Trump is spotted flying into Washington, DC
Secret Service agent outside Doanld Trump's vehicle (Photo by Thomas Samson for AFP)

Donald Trump was photographed heading to the New Jersey airport on Sunday evening and a flight plan was filed for Dulles in Virginia, an international airport frequently used by those headed to Washington, D.C.

Trump was then spotted landing at Dulles and hopping into a blacked-out SUV.

Trump didn't have any Sept. 11 remembrance ceremonies planned on Sunday, as other leaders were attending events. He did mark the occasion by posting two memes on his social media account. The only other activity was a series of news stories from last week to as far back as June 2022. He didn't make any remarks about the trip to DC or what he's doing in the city.

It left a void for others, to suggest what they thought Trump was doing. It's possible Trump is continuing his fundraising with some large donors. He could be meeting with Republican leaders to convey talking points in person about his document scandal. If he were speaking to a group it would likely have been announced and promoted by the group.

Last week, former Attorney General Bill Barr made it clear that Trump was getting dangerously close to being indicted. It's the kind of legal analysis that is leading many to speculate that the date with the court could be upon us.

Responding to the photos were some asking if Trump was turning himself in or if he was handcuffed upon landing. Trump's allies have been begging for him to attend the royal funeral of the late Queen Elizabeth II. The White House said that a delegation was going to the funeral but it's unclear who those attendees will be.

Comedian Betty Bowers suggested that Trump being away from his country club in New Jersey is the perfect time for the FBI to conduct a search warrant for documents he may have taken there.

Steve Janoski of the North Jersey Media Group is hoping that Trump's arrival in Washington means it's finally Infrastructure Week.

Others joked perhaps he had more documents to move, this time to his Virginia golf course. Another posed he was heading to his indictment appointment or skipping the country. A self-described biotech veteran and software designer predicted that Trump was in Washington to announce his long-awaited healthcare plan.

Lawyer George Conway noted that it hasn't been "golf weather" in the area lately. It's scheduled to continue raining on Monday after drizzling most of Sunday. Conway explained: "It’s been arraigning — I mean, raining."

Memphis writer Steve Ross suggested it was an indictment under seal. Dr. Mary Trump dismissed myths that an indictment would be too divisive while speaking to MSNBC on Sunday.

"Fear the Walking Dead" actor Mo Collins was curious if there were nuclear secrets that had to be surgically removed from him at Walter Reed.

Others, with more serious speculation, similarly wondered if Trump's visit was a Walter Reed trip for some kind of secret medical treatment. Trump wouldn't have to go to Walter Reed for medical care, however. At the same time, Walter Reed is subject to any Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests while other medical clinics like Trump's local CVS would not be. Trump has made it clear he has been vaccinated twice and boosted, but he may be seeking another booster and be paranoid about who could be administering it.

US Army veteran Jodi Andrea tweeted that Trump was obviously at the White House for his weekly meeting with Mark Zuckerberg. It is a reference to a bizarre statement Trump made in a Pennsylvania speech where he said he met Zuckerberg at the White House the week before. He hasn't been to the White House in two years.

Those who saw the video of the former president also celebrated his ability to walk down the stairs of the private jet.

Thus far it's unknown.

This story is developing. Stay tuned for more ....