Trump voters 'get angry’ when they learn how much he skimmed from other candidates' campaigns: pollster
Sunrise, Florida/USA - November 26, 2019: Donald Trump USA President Rally at Sunrise, FL. A Trump supporter holds signs, flags and symbols in the crowd. USA President 2020 Rally Campaign.

Longtime Republican pollster Frank Luntz recently conducted a focus group of one-time Trump voters and found many of them appear ready to move on. While he may not have been right about his polls for 2022, speaking to voters he was able to uncover differing attitudes.

Speaking to a group of voters who at one time supported Donald Trump, he asked them about their attitudes toward the former president, and they weren't positive. The small group of voters from mostly red states said words like "narcissist," "tired" "unsettling," and "mistake." There were still a few who viewed Trump with words like "high hopes," "fighter" and "a leader."

Meanwhile, when the group was asked about Trump rival Ron DeSantis, they had more positive things to say, calling him "a leader," or saying they were "hopeful," "fighter," and "visionary."

"They're tired," concluded Luntz. "They still appreciate him. They still think he was a great president. That hasn't changed, but they now look at him and see why all this chaos? Why all this fussing and fighting? Isn't there a better way?"

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At the same time, Luntz said that Republican voters are "angry at him for the candidates he supported and his lack of support for them when they needed it most."

One of the controversies throughout the election was that Trump was raising money for other candidates by using their lists and then having the funds go through his website. Then Trump would take a percentage and give a percentage to the candidate he was supporting.

It turns out he was giving as little as 10 percent or 15 percent to the candidates and keeping the rest for himself. That, along with other money problems, made things worse for Republican congressional candidates. It comes after there were fundraising scams from Trump's campaign in 2020.

When the Trump voters are told about that fact, "they get angry," Luntz said.

"Trump voters are fed up with all the Trump-focused hysteria and they want someone different. And they see Ron DeSantis at this point as being different," he explained.

See the conversation below, or at the link here.

GOP voters are furious Trump took almost all of his fundraising cash for himself

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