Trump was so weak with COVID he dropped his overnight bag at Walter Reed after only carrying it a few feet: new book
President Donald Trump leaves Walter Reed to wave to supporters (Photo: Screen capture)

Previous stories have revealed that former President Donald Trump's COVID-19 infection was far worse than had originally been reported. It was revealed earlier that Trump was on supplemental oxygen at the White House, but his oxygen rate dropped so low that White House staff grew concerned. That's when Trump was given the option of walking out to the helicopter or being wheeled out in front of the press.

In Michael Bender's new book, "Frankly, We Did Win This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost," it was revealed that Trump was so ill that chief of staff Mark Meadows was asking staff to pray for him.

White House reporters were worried that Trump might come over to them, not knowing just how bad he was. They made a pact, the book says, that they would ask him to maintain his distance for their protection.

"At the hospital, Trump grabbed his small overnight bag and carried it inside," wrote Bender. "But he had been so weakened, the president dropped the bag after a few feet. When it fell to the floor, the doctors, aides, and law enforcement officers around Trump all seemed to take a step back. It appeared to Trump as if they were nervous about his infection and didn't want to touch his belongings. But at that moment, Meadows stepped forward, picked it up, and carried it to his room."

"That's when I knew you're my guy," Trump later told him, according to the book.

Trump was given a strong steroid for the worst of the worst COVID patients. He took photographs once he first arrived at Walter Reed to appear as though he was working. But it was later discovered that all of the photos were taken at the same time, despite the White House pretending as if they were taken daily.

Trump then pitched arriving back at the White House and ripping his shirt off to show a Superman costume under it.

"Frankly, We Did Win This Election" is on sale now.