Trump ghostwriter rips ex-Trump adviser for not admitting he made a mistake helping president win in 2016
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A genial conversation on MSNBC about Donald Trump losing his Twitter privileges turned into a shouting match by the end as Trump ghostwriter Tony Schwartz and former Trump adviser Sam Nunberg got into it over who was more culpable for building the president up.

Towards the end of the segment with host Alex Witt, Schwartz challenged Nunberg for still being proud of the work he did getting the president elected -- only to have Nunberg slam him for profiting off ghostwriting Trump's "Art of the Deal."

"I'm going to ask this of Tony, last question," Witt stated. "A friend in Palm Beach told me that the general sentiment there is that Donald Trump will be a nobody in five minutes and that he's embarrassed himself beyond repair, do you agree?"

"I can't help but answer on Sam," Schwartz exclaimed after trying to cut in on Nuberg moments before. "It is incredibly sad to me that a guy could have done what Trump's done, he has been a sociopath since the first day that Sam Nunberg met him and it's really sad to hear somebody say, 'I don't take any responsibility.'"

"I spent four years taking responsibility for the mistake I made 35 years ago," he continued as his voice began to rise. "Come on, Sam, you step up and get others like you to step up. It's time to say the truth about this man he is one of the worst human beings alive -- maybe the worst."

"The question was, do I regret helping him get elected president?" Nunberg snapped back as the two loudly talked over each other. "I don't regret the Supreme Court, I don't regret where Jerusalem stands today, and that's my position, Tony. If you don't like it, that's fine, Tony, give back all the money you made during the years when you needed it with 'Art of the Deal.'"

"I've given a quarter of million dollars of royalties from 'The Art of the Deal' back,'" the author shot back as Nunberg continued on.

"I find you interesting with what you said," Nunberg interjected. "My position is the following once again: he did a service to the forgotten men and women, the people that had no voice under a two-party system, and in the end, I am happy that he beat Hillary Clinton who is the most --."

"We so don't have time to get into Hillary Clinton. I'm sorry, " host Witt interceded after letting the two battle it out.

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