Pro-Trump lawyer knows his claims are 'baseless' — but thinks no one will sue him: report
Lin Wood speaks at "Stop the Steal" rally in Georgia (YouTube/screen grab)

On Tuesday, The New York Times profiled right-wing activist attorney Lin Wood, who has been a constant cheerleader for outgoing President Donald Trump's voter fraud conspiracy theories and has driven fellow Republicans crazy with calls to "boycott" the Georgia Senate runoffs to demand GOP loyalty to Trump.

Wood, wrote reporters Jeremy Peters and Alan Feuer, didn't start out as a trumpet for right-wing paranoia — and, argue legal experts, he knows better.

"It is a turn that has surprised many former associates of the theatrical lawyer, whom Dan Rather once described as 'the attorney for the damned' for his roster of high-profile clients like Richard A. Jewell, who was wrongly suspected of setting off a bomb at the Atlanta Olympics, and the parents of JonBenet Ramsey, the 6-year-old whose murder became a tabloid frenzy," said the report.

More recently, though, Wood has represented "highly polarizing figures like Marjorie Taylor Greene, who supports the QAnon hoax and was recently elected to Congress; Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the St. Louis couple who brandished weapons at demonstrators outside their house; and Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager charged with fatally shooting two protesters in Kenosha, Wis. He is also representing Nicholas Sandmann, a student whose encounter with a Native American protester made national news, in his libel suit against The New York Times."

"Legal experts said Mr. Wood, who is well aware of what the law says about defamation and libel, appears to be betting that the targets of his most baseless claims won't sue him because he is protected by the First Amendment and they don't want the hassle," said the report. "He has insinuated, for instance, that Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. may have associated with the now-deceased convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein."

Most recently, Wood aggravated Republicans by urging his followers to harass Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), for acknowledging that Trump lost the election.

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