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Former D.C. Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone tore into former President Donald Trump for his role in recruiting violent extremists into the Republican Party during a CNN interview on Wednesday.

Fanone, who sustained brain damage and suffered a heart attack as a result of his efforts defending the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, made the remarks in a segment about Solomon Peña, the Trump-loving New Mexico state house candidate who allegedly hired a series of gunmen to shoot at the houses of Democratic officials after losing his election.

"Look, obviously, there are acts of violence committed against Democrats and Republicans," said anchor Jake Tapper. "We saw the shooting of Steve Scalise and the congressional Republicans playing baseball, and attempted assassination of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and Paul Pelosi, January 6th. And on and on and on. It does seem more prevalent on the right against Democrats than Republicans but either way, there is too much of it. How did we get here?"

"Well, like like you said, violent rhetoric used by elected officials is always inexcusable and regardless of what party the individual using it is affiliated," said Fanone. "With that being said, Donald Trump invited the Solomon Peñas of the world into the Republican Party and become what is referred to as the MAGA wing, and these individuals really have what seems to be like this apocalypse fetish. They believe elections were stolen and it's changing the makeup of the country and taking rights away from them, and it has brought about reaction."

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Many of these extremists, noted Fanone, have a history of violence that predates their politically violent activity.

"If you look at the individuals arrested on January 6th, the patriots, individuals whose backgrounds were filled with criminal history such as spousal abuse, felony assaults," said Fanone. "Those were the individuals that Donald Trump welcomed into the Republican Party and that make up that, you know, diehard base that the rest of the, you know, moderate Republicans can't seem to shake themselves free of."

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Michael Fanone says Trump invited people like Solomon Peña into the GOP