'Twitter is an enemy': Marjorie Taylor Greene lashes out after permanent ban

Responding to one of her Twitter accounts being permanently banned for sharing misinformation about Covid-19, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) issued a furious statement claiming the social media platform "is an enemy."

Later adding that the Democrats are "Communists" -- a common refrain for the GOP lawmaker as of late -- Taylor Greene professed innocence about her Covid comments before launching her attack on Twitter.

With a Twitter spokesperson claiming, "We’ve been clear that, per our strike system for this policy, we will permanently suspend accounts for repeated violations of the policy,” Taylor Greene complained "Social media platforms can't stop the truth from being spread far and wide. Big Tech can't stop the truth. Communist Democrats can't stop the truth. I stand with the truth and the people. We will overcome!"

You can see her statement below: