'We have the facts and they're not good': CNN reporter breaks down Uvalde cops' failures​
CNN's Shimon Prokupecz reports from Uvalde, Tex. (Screen cap via CNN)

CNN reporter Shimon Prokupecz, who for the last two days has been hounding law enforcement officials in Uvalde, Texas to answer questions about their actions during this week's deadly elementary school shooting, finally got some answers.

Texas Department of Public Safety director Col. Steven McGraw said during a press conference on Friday that it was the "wrong decision" to wait nearly an hour to breach the door to the room where 18-year-old shooter Salvador Ramos was located.

Reacting to McGaw's statement, Prokupecz said that officials' previous evasions now made more sense to him.

"Now you know why the police were hesitating, and why they were sort of giving us the run around," he told anchor John King. "Because now we have the facts and they're not good. They're not good for the police here. They're not good for anyone in law enforcement."

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Prokupecz then broke down the tragic circumstances surrounding the hesitation by police to move in on Ramos.

"The decision to not go inside that classroom was a deadly decision," he said. "Children were inside, calling 9-1-1... asking, 'Where are the police?' And they were not there. They were outside in the hallway or somewhere in the building. But they were not in there."

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