Arizona Republican has a meltdown after audit liaison tells Congress that Biden was the legitimate winner
Wendy Rogers during a 2016 interview. (Screenshot/YouTube)

An Arizona GOP lawmaker lashed out at Ken Bennett, the liaison for the state Senate's election audit, on Thursday after he stated that President Joe Biden was the legitimate winner of the 2020 election.

During a House Oversight and Reform Committee, Bennett was asked whether former President Donald Trump was correct to claim that Biden had "lost in Arizona based on the forensic audit."

"I would not characterize it that way," Bennett replied. "I was asked by the Senate to be the liaison to the Maricopa audit, the Maricopa audit found that the results were very similar to what Maricopa County canvassed in the official results."

His comments did not sit well with state Sen. Wendy Rogers, who slammed Bennett on Twitter.

"Ken Bennett does not represent me, my constituents, or the state of Arizona," she wrote on the social media platform. "He is an unelected individual who was caught leaking information about the audit. His assessment that the audit was never about overturning the election is wrong."

"His assessment of the ballot count is wrong. When you have fraudulent ballots, duplicate ballots, and questionable ballots that total significantly MORE than the number of votes needed to win the election, the election was a SHAM and the electors need to be recalled. Ken Bennett is the WRONG messenger of the Arizona audit results and I am sick and tired of RINOs telling me and my constituents that our voices don't matter."

Rogers has previously called for mass arrests of Maricopa County election officials. "I would like to know if we have enough solitary confinement cells in Arizona available for the entire Maricopa Board of Supervisors and the execs at the fraud machine company," she wrote on Twitter earlier this year. "We are going to need a lot."