Woman accused of weaponizing 'white woman tears' after viral video shows scuffle with Black man over Citibike

UPDATE: Woman accused of weaponizing 'white woman tears' was really the victim and has the receipts to prove it: lawyer

A Bellevue Hospital employee has come under fire after people accused her of utilizing her "white woman tears" to take a CitiBike away from a young black man who had already paid for it, the New York Post reported.

A video posted Saturday shows a confrontation between the woman and the man, where woman seemingly tries to suggest that the man is a threat to her.

“Help! Help me! Please, help me,” the woman yells as he grasps at the bike. The man can be seen keeping his grips on the bike and repeatedly telling the woman that he's already paid for it. Despite that, the woman continues to call for help.

“Get off me! Get off me, you’re hurting my fetus,” the woman says while pushing at the man.

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“I’m not touching you! You’re putting your stomach on my hand,” the man replies. When another hospital employee comes on the scene and asks what's wrong, the woman starts crying.

Eventually, the woman becomes calm and chooses another Citibike.

“Racism at its finest. She fully understands that white women generally have the privilege of being perceived as ‘innocent’ which is why she attempted to use her tears as a weapon against this young black man," one person wrote on social media. "And of COURSE she works in healthcare, probably treating black patients like s**t. She needs to be FIRED and should be embarrassed to be a sick evil racist piece of s**t,” one person commented.

Another social media user said the woman "needs to be locked up!”

“She is deplorable. What she did is an act of violence and she should suffer consequences. Like this really pissed me off because we get killed over s–t like this," another person wrote.

Watch the video below or at this link.