Militia leader Ammon Bundy: Occupiers will leave wildlife refuge only as 'free men'
Ammon Bundy, center - via KGWTV reporter Pat Dooris twitter

In a press conference at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, occupation leader Ammon Bundy stated that he is willing to take up the local sheriff's offer of safe conduct from the national park, but not just yet, saying they will leave as "free men."

According to tweets from NPR reporter Kirk Siegler, Bundy grew emotional while talking about the occupation, saying they weren't ready to leave.

According to Siegler: "Ammon Bundy says he will take sheriff's offer to be escorted out of county, "But not yet," he adds "we will leave as free men."

Siegler noted that the amount of press monitoring the showdown has decreased significantly.


Reporting for KTVZ, Kandra Kent stated that Bundy still held out hope for the Hammonds, whose incarceration led to the standoff.

"Every hour the Hammonds spend in prison is a great injustice" the militia leader stated, she tweeted.

Pat Dooris of KGW TV tweeted "Ammon Bundy says he'll leave when residents stand up for their rights which they are now doing."