Elizabeth Warren nails Trump in grad address with Taylor Swift line: 'Haters gonna hate, hate hate'
Elizabeth Warren delivers commencement address at Bridgewater State University (Photo: Screen capture)

In a unique commencement speech at Bridgewater State University, just an hour outside of Boston, Elizabeth Warren continued her feud with Donald Trump by quoting a Taylor Swift song, saying that Trump was a 'hater' who was 'gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate." She encouraged graduates to do as she does, and just "shake it off."

The class warrior admitted that growing up with a humble background in Oklahoma, she never anticipated the life she has lead. Warren told the students that her life was full of “mistakes and twists and turns and failures” but that they should embrace the unexpected.

“Heck, on my day of graduation, I never imagined I would visit foreign countries. I never imagined I would be a commencement speaker. I never imagined I would get into a Twitter war with Donald Trump,” she said, according to the Boston Globe.

Warren told the graduates that the first time she was enrolled in college she waived her scholarship, dropped out and got married instead.

“Boy, was I smart at 19,” she said.

But her perseverance paid off. Warren said she went back to school and became a teacher until she was pregnant. Once her child was born she enrolled in law school, graduating not long before another child was due.

Following the commencement ceremonies, Warren met with reporters where she was asked about her attacks on Trump. “I think that Donald Trump is a truly dangerous man and there is some risk that he could be president of the United States,” Warren explained. “I think it’s time for all of us to pay careful attention to him and to the issues that he has raised and to start fighting back.”

Warren and Trump have had an ongoing battle for several weeks where Warren attacked Trump for his racially charged language. Trump's campaign swung in all directions attempting to hit back, including mocking Warren's ancestry. Warren swung back, accusing Trump of using recycled 'hate-filled attacks on my family' and encouraged him to get his own. Trump's advisor said that if Warren can't take the attacks "that's her problem."

Check out the full video of her address below. It begins at the 52 minute mark:

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