WATCH: CNN panel flays Roseanne for tweeting wild conspiracy theories about Trump and sex trafficking
Roseanne Barr on Wendy Williams show/Screenshot

During a Monday political discussion on CNN, the panel couldn't help but wonder when ABC will step in to curb Roseanne Barr's conspiracy theory tweets.

Last week, Barr tweeted out a conspiracy theory that was a twist on PizzaGate, but had all of the same pieces like child sex trafficking and Hillary Clinton.

"There is a conspiracy theory that she bought into once again -- the age-old child sex trafficking, child sex ring," host Alisyn Camerota noted. "Didn't we learn during Comet Pizza or whatever it was, PizzaGate. A guy had to go to jail over this because he showed up with his gun. But Roseanne Barr, what does it mean that she is either retweeting this or falling for it?"

Media analyst Brian Stelter noted tens of millions of viewers will watch her again this week, "yet, she is vulnerable to the conspiracy we see from so many people. It's a huge headache for ABC. I think it's going to be a bigger headache, executives at ABC know that. That said, this isn't just about Roseanne. It's about why so many people want to believe deranged conspiracy theories."

He explained that the format follows something about child sex trafficking, Hillary Clinton being evil and President Donald Trump swooping in to save everyone. Barr noted in another tweet that she simply enjoys the drama of the conspiracy theories she's tweeting. "It's like a video game," Stelter said.

Watch the conversation below: