Conservative commentator wonders if Russians who visited Trump were able to record him like Omarosa was
President Donald Trump meets with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak (Photo via Twitter).

Conservative writer and commentator Shermichael Singleton flagged a huge concern in the wake of the news that Omarosa Manigault-Newman recorded her termination by chief-of-staff John Kelly.

In an MSNBC panel discussion about the recording released by Newman, the panel recalled the catastrophic employment of the former black outreach liaison for the White House. They noted she completely flubbed the Black History Month, blocked the hiring of other black staff and humiliated the White House over and over.

SiriusXM Progress host Mark Thompson noted that in 2016 she denied a tape of President Donald Trump using the N-word. In her "Meet the Press" appearance Sunday, however, Newman told Chuck Todd that she knows of the recording.

"What she is saying in the book -- she didn't hear about those tapes recently," Thompson explained. "Whether she actually heard the tape or not, she worked on 'The Apprentice.' She is probably trying to curry some favor with the African-American community. I'm sure you'd agree, and Shermichael as well, she's never going to get that."

While White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders flagged the "blatant disregard for national security," Singleton similarly sounded the alarm.

"What I think is very interesting about this is the fact that she was able to record so many individuals within the White House," he began. "Remember, the White House had Russians there at some point. North Koreans have also visited at some point. I'm wondering is, if she was able to do that, were they not able to do the same?"

Watch the full panel discussion below: