George Conway dunks on Trump for his broken campaign promises
Attorney George Conway speaking to Georgetown Law (screengrab)

Prominent Republican attorney George Conway ridiculed President Donald Trump for his broken campaign promises.

Conway, the husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, has been a frequent critic of the administration.

It started when Tufts University Prof. Daniel Drezner noted it was the four-year anniversay of President Donald Trump promising to rename Denali National Park.

George Conway saw the tweet and sarcastically mocked the president's record.

Trump has yet to complete a single mile of wall and Mexico has repeatedly said they will not be paying for it, as Trump had promised constantly during the 2016 campaign.

The president is running for re-election on the slogan of "promises made, promises kept."

Previously, Conway "Trump is a racist president" in a Washington Post column. On Twitter, he has also said Trump is "mentally unwell," slammed Trump for being a "sexual predator," busted him for making "sh*t up," ripped Trump for is "sociopathy," and fact-checked Trump's lies.

And he called on the American Psychiatric Association to declare Trump mentally unfit for office.