CNN celebrates Donald Trump for finally realizing he doesn't have everything under control
President Donald Trump (Photo: Screen capture)

CNN host Jake Tapper and White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins showed the evolution of President Donald Trump's statements about the coronavirus.

In a press conference Monday, Trump told Collins that he never meant that he has a handle on the disease, rather he has a "tremendous control" over the government response to it. But when he briefed the press Sunday, Trump told people to "relax. We’re doing great. It all will pass.”

“It’s a very contagious virus.. something we have tremendous control of," he went on to say.

"Again, I am grateful that President Trump is finally talking about what is real and what is the truth of this horrific pandemic," said Tapper. "What do you make of this shift?"

Collins explained that it isn't just Trump, it's his aides, his allies, and other Republicans who are parroting his incorrect talking points on the coronavirus.

"We're clearing seeing it's not and that's evidenced by these guidelines saying the outbreak could last in the United States through July, potentially even August," she said. "That's why we wanted to ask the president, after saying we have tremendous control over this because if his supporters are watching, they hear something like that, it's president for the president to say as did he today that it's not the virus he's talking about."

Trump explained that "in the confines what we're working with," which is admitting it isn't under control, she explained.

Flipping to the "Money Lead," Tapper noted that it was the largest point loss in United States stock market in history.

Business correspondent Alison Kosik explained, "there's only so much monetary policy can do at this point." What investors want to see are the cases of coronavirus peak and then fall.

"Alison, let me ask you, health experts and health officials have been saying for weeks now, certainly for the last week, that this was going to last months and not weeks," said Tapper. "President Trump, with what he said today, that this could last until July or August, is -- you know, it's in alignment of what these health experts have been saying. The only difference is that President Trump was acknowledging the reality. I guess my point is if this news had been given weeks ago or over the weekend or if this reality had been acknowledged by the president earlier, would what happened on Wall Street today be different? Did Wall Street not know what the health experts were saying?"

Kosik explained that it probably was stunning for the markets to hear the reality from the president today.

Watch the segment below: