Trump's Twitter meltdown during stock market collapse shows he is finally afraid: CNN host

Opening her CNN segment on Monday morning by noting the stock market collapse, plummeting oil prices and a virus crisis that has reached pandemic proportions, host Kate Bolduan suggested Donald Trump's tweets in the midst of all the chaos seem to betray the fact that he is finally afraid for his political future.

After fellow CNN correspondents explained what is going on in the financial markets, host Bolduan brought the president's tweets into the conversation.

"Of course it is clear that fear and uncertainty have now set in," Bolduan stated. "That is part of what we're looking at and part of the reaction here. But I looked at the president's Twitter feed and it looks like the president is -- it looks like the president is afraid as well if you look at the tweets of what he's put up in the last few minutes."

"One, he's saying it's good for the consumer, gasoline prices are coming down. Then he blames Saudi Arabia and Russia arguing over oil and also the news media for the reason that the market is dropping. You've been talking to investors on the impact of the president in all of this, what are you hearing?" she asked business correspondent Christine Romans.

"I ask everybody I talk to, what about the tone from the White House? Is that helping or hurting?" Romans replied. "And they say it's not helping. The president in one of those tweets downplaying this, saying, look, we lose 37 people last year and we don't close schools and tell people to go home."

"He is again at odds with his public health officials who are saying there are prudent things we should be doing, and when we find someone who is spreading it communitywide, we need to take steps around those people," she continued. "We're not talking about mass panic, his public officials are not calling for mass panic, but the president seems to be putting a spin on it that's not realistic, it's not reality."

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