'He's also the one who told people to inject Lysol': Nicolle Wallace's panel calls BS on Trump's claim he's taking hydroxychloroquine
MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace (screengrab)

President Donald Trump announced, in passing, that he has been taking the drug hydroxychloroquine for weeks, to somehow prevent coronavirus.

The FDA has advised that hydroxychloroquine is not something people should take to prevent COVID-19 and that doing so may cause irregular heart rhythms, which is why doctors are urging patients not to take it unless they are on a heart monitor. The Center for Disease Control has also removed the drug guidance from their website.

When hearing the news, MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace was shocked by the admission, saying it's unclear if it's even true. "I'm not sure we can actually take it to the bank that he's actually been taking it because he says he's been taking it."

"There's a high probability," John Heilemann said, agreeing with Wallace that it might not be true. "Not just because the president is a pathological liar but he's not a complete idiot in a sense of what he's heard about the dangers of taking this drug. I think there's a high probability he's not taking the drug. I think you would need to have some real evidence to suggest this is not just another tall tale of his."

"I think the reality is he's been so thoroughly rebuked on his advocacy of this drug that it stands on some level to reason that he would want people to think, having told everyone else to take it, that he himself is taking it even though he's not, in fact, taking it," Heilemann continued. Again, I have no evidence for that supposition, but I will say, given that he's asking us to take it on faith that A he would be taking a drug and B that he would be taking a drug that people know now to be dangerous. I think it's much more likely that he's not taking it and saying he's taking it than he's actually taking it.

Wallace said that she hopes for the sake of Trump's life that he's not taking it. But when it comes to Trump's health, he's not exactly the most reliably honest person. He had his personal doctor lie on a medical report that he's the most vibrant, healthy specimen he'd ever seen. The previous White House physician has also now signed on to a slate of conspiracy theories that question his ability to tell truth from fiction.

"So, there's not a great record of getting medical information about this president," said Wallace.

"Yeah, and he also has a 34-inch waist and grew 3 inches last year," joked Jeremy Bash. "Everything he says about his medical condition you have to take with a ten-pound bag of salt. Again, this is the president who prescribed injections of disinfectants, Clorox and Lysol and set off a national panic and tens of thousands of calls into poison control centers. That's the kind of stuff kids can get their hands on. This is truly dangerous and we're going to take his advice about prophylactic hydroxychloroquine? I don't think so."

Watch the full exchange in the video below: