Matt Gaetz mocked by conservative for blowing his latest attempt to help Trump
Matt Gaetz appears on CNN (screen grab)

In a scathing column for the Bulwark, founder Charles Sykes joined the Twitter pile-on of Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) for trying to make a point about the St Louis couple who menaced Black Lives Matter protesters with weapons as they marched past the house -- saying the Gaetz attempt to use the photos of the couple to help Donald Trump went down in flames in spectacular fashion.

On Monday, Gaetz tweeted a viral photo of the armed white couple and wrote, "In Joe Biden’s America your job is illegal, you are locked in your home, borders don’t exist, MS-13 lives next door and the police aren’t coming when the mob arrives. This is all of us."

Commenters on Twitter were quick to point out that the events he worried about under possible President Biden actually occurred under the current Oval Office occupant.

That is where Sykes jumped in and added his two cents.

"Quite inadvertently, Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-Trump) has stumbled onto something insightful," Sykes wrote while referencing the Gaetz tweet that followed up a presidential "like" on Twitter.

"The dunking commenced immediately. As it turns out this is actually not all of us, unless we are Brooks-Brothers-wearing Kens and Karens, living in a mock Renaissance palazzo mansion in a private gated community and look like utter idiots," the columnist suggested before adding that the Florida lawmaker -- known for multiple stunts that have blown up in his face -- stepped in it again by trying to bolster whatever point the president was trying to make.

Sykes went on to add that the tweet by Gaetz, in fact, exposed one of Donald Trump's greatest weaknesses as he runs for re-election: his non-too subtle racism.

"Like Gaetz, Trump wants to paint a lurid picture of a dystopian future of a Biden-led America: riots, anarchists, caravans, and brown people behaving badly. Only a Trump presidency, he insists, can protect America from the chaos that will be unleashed by . . . Joe Biden," the columnist explained, before adding that the effort has been doomed from the start, as evidenced by polling that show's Biden racing ahead despite the efforts of the Trump 2020 campaign to paint Biden as a "radical leftist."

"Matt Gaetz just illustrated how hard that will be," Sykes concluded.

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