'Donald Trump versus democracy -- which side are you on?' CNN's John Avlon lays out stakes of election fight

CNN's John Avlon on Thursday dramatically laid out the stakes of President Donald Trump's campaign to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

During his "Reality Check" segment, Avlon explained why Trump's attempts to overturn an election that he lost are fundamentally undemocratic.

"Take a look at the latest court filing in Pennsylvania backed by Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, because this isn't subtle," Avlon explained. "Quote, 'Plaintiffs will seek the remedy of Trump being declared the winner of the legal votes cast and thus the recipient of Pennsylvania's electors.' Biden won that state by more than 82,000 votes, so democracy be damned!"

He then speculates that the Trump team doesn't believe it can win in court and is only trying to keep lawsuits going to undermine the legitimacy of Biden's win.

"It is dangerous for our democracy and Team Trump doesn't care," he said. "They would rather ruin if they cannot rule."

He concluded by warning Republicans that they will soon have to make a choice about whether they still believe in the centuries-old foundations of the American republic.

"This is a test of whether you believe in our country more than a cult of personality," he said. "And it shouldn't be a tough call. It's Donald Trump versus democracy -- which side are you on?"

Watch the video below.