Fiery feud erupts on The View over Mike Pence's homophobic joke

Mike Pence's homophobic joke about Pete Buttigieg sparked a brief clash on "The View."

The former vice president mocked the transportation secretary for taking "maternity" leave while U.S. airline travelers faced delays and other issues after he and his husband adopted twins, which Pence said caused Americans to develop postpartum depression, but conservative Alyssa Farah Griffin wasn't as troubled by his remarks as her fellow panelists.

"Pence has been a champion of paternity leave, so I think that's what was an issue for me with it not landing," Griffin said.

"He knew it was [called] paternity leave," co-host Sunny Hostin pointed out.

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"Do you want us to be careful -- I don't want us to turn into the snowflakes that we criticize," Griffin said. "Like, it's a joke. It's a poor joke."

Host Whoopi Goldberg cut her off.

"No, no, no -- hold up, hold up," Goldberg said. "Those guys are snowflakes, but the point is it's a joke that was bad for other times. It didn't land, it didn't work for anybody, so it's a terrible joke, and that's why, so for me, that's lazy because he does know better, he does know what the correct words are."

The panelists had pointed out that Fox News host Tucker Carlson and others had cracked similar jokes about Buttigieg and had been roundly criticized, and Goldberg said Pence's remark undercut his criticism of Donald Trump's role in the Jan. 6 insurrection.

"You want to make a joke, you know, you can do that, but when you go to something lazy that hasn't worked, and then you pretend you don't know, and then we're trying to figure out what you are doing because you're saying something finally we're thrilled to hear you say, it just makes me think you're too confusing for me," Goldberg said.

Watch video below or at this link.

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