Alex Jones calls for mass executions over Covid 'bio-attacks'
InfoWars host Alex Jones marches with protesters at the State Capitol in Austin, Texas. (Mark Felix/AFP)

Shortly after Alex Jones was hit with a $965 million verdict by a Connecticut jury for spreading lies about the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting in Newtown, the InfoWars host was calling for mass executions in another conspiracy theory.

Jones responded to the verdict with a fist bump as part of his "extended emergency broadcast" as he pushed InfoWars' store and asked for personal donations.

The call for mass executions was based on Jones' debunked conspiracy theory that COVID-19 vaccines have killed tens of millions of people.

"If you're going to bio-attack people, with a virus and then the vaccine that's even worse — it's not a vaccine — you've got to have a story of how you messed up," Jones said.

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Jones said, "they intended this to break the social contract and make everyone hate the government and cause civil war worldwide, but if people know it's a master plan to create the civil war, we don't blow up our government, we don't burn things down, we politically take control and then prosecute and then execute the war criminals — after they've had a trial, after they've been given appeals, everything — but yes, obviously, the people that launched these bio-attacks need to be arrested, need to be tried, and need to be executed."

"My God, if there's a death penalty out there, it's for these people as an example to other criminals like them, you want to kill tens of millions of us, you want to maim billions of people, we're going to hang your a** on international television, there will be seven billion viewers when you're swinging at the end of a rope," Jones said. "And yes, I'm saying it, they need to be executed."

"They're murderers, they're psychopaths, they're killers. So when I get up here and talk about how they need to get executed, I don't sit up here and say that to act tough," Jones said. "Indicted. Arrested. Tried. Public execution, public execution. These people make Hitler blush and they must be brought to justice."