'He's weak!' Trump spokesperson rants Bill Barr has allowed election fraud because he's a 'useful tool for the swamp'

In an interview with "The Water Cooler" host David Brody, Donald Trump's new spokesperson went on a breathless rant attacking former Attorney General William Barr for "sweeping" election fraud accusations "under the rug" and, thereby, putting America at risk due to the "illegitimate" election of President Joe Biden.

Liz Harrington, who recently took over for Jason Miller as the former president's mouthpiece, vehemently responded to each of Brody's comments about the state of America, telling the host "Our country is in dire peril right now."

She grew particularly incensed talking about Barr who was recently interviewed by Jonathan Karl and painted an unflattering portrait of the ex-president as a delusional narcissist who spent his last days chasing "bullsh*t" election fraud conspiracies.

"Bill Bar was too weak to pursue the truth and went along with the swamp," she insisted. "They let this happen! People like Bill Barr and [Senate Minority Leader] Mitch McConnell (R-KY), they swept this all under the rug just like every other wrongdoing by Democrats for the past four years of the Trump administration."

Calling Barr a "useful tool for the swamp, she went onto exclaim, "We're going to get to the truth, because we have to. This is about saving America."

Harrington later defended the Capitol insurrectionists, saying the government is going to their homes because they attended a "Peaceful protest."

"This is not America and this is why President Trump says we can't wait until 2024. We have to act now to save the country," she insisted.

Watch below: