Bob Woodward points out 'stunning' similarity between Trump and Nixon revealed by Shaye Moss testimony

Veteran journalist Bob Woodward noted a striking parallel between Watergate and Donald Trump's effort to overturn his election loss.

The Washington Post reporter whose work helped bring down Richard Nixon told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" that he was struck by testimony from Georgia election worker Shaye Moss, who said Trump supporters burst into her grandmother's home and threatened both her and her mother over the former president's lies about them.

"Old timers like myself might remember, one of Nixon's most prominent henchmen, Charles Colson, who was special counsel in the White House, said publicly, 'I will walk over my own grandmother to get Richard Nixon re-elected," Woodward said. "Now we have with Trump, literally saying, 'I will walk over your grandmother to get re-elected and hold power.'"

"A stunning, memorable -- to me, and I think to people watching this realize this is exactly what Sen. Sam Irvin, who ran the Watergate committee, said, 'It's the lust for political power,'" Woodward added. "You can hear it in Trump's insistent cadence in his voice of just pushing, pushing. So is this -- somehow is his right or that there is a necessity in him holding power, and I think this will be him remembered as Trump saying, 'I am going to walk over your grandmother to hold this political power,' in which he was not entitled to according to the law and the Constitution."

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