Capitol rioter will 'almost certainly get the longest Jan. 6 sentence to date' after son delivered devastating testimony
Guy Reffitt at the U.S Capitol on January 6, 2021. (Court documents)

Capitol rioter Guy Reffitt, who was found guilty of multiple felonies earlier this year, is receiving his prison sentence this week -- and NBC News reporter Ryan Reilly believes it's going to be the stiffest January 6-related prison sentence yet.

Writing on Twitter, Reilly translates some legalese delivered by Judge Dabney Friedrich in which she said she was setting his offense level at 29 as the basis of her sentencing decision.

"Translation: Guy Reffitt is almost certainly to get the longest Jan. 6 sentence to date, it's just a matter of how many years he'll get on top of the current 5.25 year (63 month) record for Jan. 6 cases," writes Reilly.

A level 29 offense carries a sentencing range of between 87 and 108 months in prison, which means the judge would have to radically depart from guidelines for him to not break the current record for January 6 defendants.

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Reffitt became infamous earlier this year when his own son, Jackson Reffitt, testified against him at his trial.

Among other things, Jackson Reffitt said his father sent messages to the family promoting a new civil war, while also talking about "rising up" and "destroying" the United States government.

In all, Guy Reffitt was found guilty on charges of transporting a firearm in furtherance of civil disorder, guilty of obstruction of justice, guilty of entering the Capitol with a firearm, and guilty of obstruction law enforcement officers.

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